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The largest cover-up in history, most likely. The ten-year-old boy with the asymmetrical haircut sneers, pausing briefly on his scooter before continuing, “Why would anyone want to be a girl?” “Girls are powerless! All they do is sit about and giggle while playing with dolls. Being a boy is considerably more beneficial. Even if you’re a boy, you can have fun! Why are boys mean to girls?

Usually, boys mean to girls because boys have complex feelings for their mothers, they are affected by physiological tendencies, they are so alien to their more mature feelings, and some parents can’t ignore this aspect of boys’ development.

Please read on to find more detailed information.

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Why Are Boys Mean To Girls?

Boys Have Complex Feelings For Their Mothers

From infancy to adolescence to adulthood, boys have complex feelings for their mothers, which makes them produce all kinds of jealousy for girls. Boys must endure a humiliating fact: girls tend to develop earlier in adolescence, leaving boys behind for a period of time. Then, boys will be laughed at because they try to make up for it by acting big: making noise, exaggerating, fighting, boasting, and swearing. The girls laughed at them and said, “why can’t you people grow up and don’t be so sad?” Boys see that girls are more capable and emotionally cultivated in dealing with family affairs. To what extent has this won the recognition of parents and teachers. As teenagers, boys begin to realize the secrets that are happening in the girl’s body, the reproductive ability of the girl, and the intimate relationship between the mother and her children: a physical and psychological intimate relationship, boys and men are bound to be excluded. Having a penis is good, but the baby grows in the mother’s body, not in the father’s body, and the newborn baby yearns for the mother, not the father.

Boys Are Affected By Physiological Tendencies

Of course, we are all affected by physiological tendencies. This is not to say that boys don’t want to be boys anymore: after all, they like power; They like patriarchy. But they all want to be boys and girls. But no matter how complacent and arrogant they are, they know it is impossible. In a binary universe, people are trained to be one way or another. Boys are forced to be boys and refuse to want to be girls. So they began to deny, and put as much energy as possible on belittling girls, “why does anyone want to be a girl?” They belittle girls’ achievements; They objectify girls, and are particularly keen to humiliate the female characteristics they secretly appreciate and covet.

Boys Are So Alien To Their More Mature Feelings

My best theory is that our boys are so alien to their more mature feelings of desire, desire, and anger that they don’t know how to adequately deal with them.

They are not mature enough to compartmentalize their desires in a healthy way.

They’re crazy, and they can’t get what they want, which is a natural impulse of a child – even if what they want (girls, or sexual experience in general) is very mature. Add to this a dangerous “boys will be boys” culture that sees boys’ unkind and even threatening behaviour as innately macho.

I think boys today also feel a certain amount of frustration when they see girls enjoying something they don’t fully understand themselves.

A good example of this is the TikTok dance and lip-synching often shared by teenage girls, which, in their form, are simple parodies of the original viral video. They are usually funny or amusing, although some are sexy or provocative.

These videos may evoke frustration, jealousy, annoyance and possibly attraction in boys. These feelings can be overwhelming for a child. They need guidance on how to deal with them.

But we didn’t do that. We will leave the boys alone to their friends, YouTube and social media to sort this out.

Parents Can’t Ignore This Aspect Of Boys’ Development

We can’t ignore this aspect of boys’ development — especially when it means they could harm others.

Young teens haven’t experienced it firsthand, and they know that when it comes to sexuality, most of us spend all day running around with no interest at all.

Most of the time, it’s simply because that’s not how the world works; You can’t kiss every cute person you meet and you can’t cheat on your partner. Sometimes, we are even rebuffed by people we think have a chance, which makes us sad.

As adults, we’re usually so good at this partitioning that we don’t even realize we’re doing it most of the time.

But that’s not what we’re talking about. We want our children to understand that.

How To Do On Boys Mean To Girls?

Tell Boys That Girls Are Suffering From The Mean Words

First, the parents of the boys need to tell their sons that the girls are suffering from the mean things said to them.

Even the most confident girls can cry and go to very dark places in their minds – even if they don’t show that pain online.

Even a girl who constantly posts cute TikTok dances can be dealing with very difficult issues in private.

Our job as parents is to teach empathy and bring the reality of others’ pain to our children. We need to teach them the consequences of their choices so they can develop compassion and empathy.

Sit down and teach your child how much other people may suffer because of this kind of harassment, and that even hurtful jokes can be harassment that seriously damages other people’s happiness and self-esteem.

Don’t Blame Boys If They Didn’t Do

If they didn’t do it, don’t shame them, don’t blame them.

Just talk about what you know about what happens to kids their age and what it feels like to be insulted and molested (or humiliated by fat people or the target of racist or anti-Semitic insults or “jokes”), etc. Explain that just because you don’t see anyone crying doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Our children also provide us with the opportunity to learn from them.

While you and I both know what goes on online, our children know ten times more than we do, and they often understand the motivations of their peers better than we do.

If you work together to help someone feel good about themselves and end bullying, your child will see you as an ally.

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Ask And Listen To What Boys Say

Ask them why they think this is happening, and then listen sympathetically.

Be prepared to listen to what you don’t expect, and understand that you may not have the perfect answer or solution.

If you hear something disturbing, you can lovingly point out where the misthinking is occurring. Reiterate the benefits you’ve heard from them and their value, and remind them that you’re always there to listen and offer advice when they need it.

Our children are having a hard time; Not just during this pandemic, but in general. They see a lot of things on the Internet that they don’t understand.

Many boys spend hours on YouTube or social media being influenced by people with dangerous and toxic ideologies that they feel no one can deal with.

If we can support them with love, we not only support their growth, hopefully we can get them to step in when they see harm and help end this abusive cycle of bullying and harassment.

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10 Things Girls Like And Don’t Like About Boys

You Favor Natural

The idea that we favor men with enormous muscles is untrue. In fact, it’s unattractive when your arms are so chubby and bowed that you can’t even lift them. We like guys with all different kinds of body types, but the most common preference is for them to be athletic and toned.

You’re Not Able To Keep Your Hands Off Of Us

We enjoy the focus. Nothing is more satisfying than feeling desired.

You Communicate Your Emotions

A sensitive guy is popular with women. It demonstrates to us that you are more than just a pretty face.

You Demonstrate That You Are Considering Us

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on extravagant presents for us. We appreciate it when you send us a song that makes you think of us or buy us a bag of our favorite candy.

The Time When You Are Taller Than Us

Although clichéd, this is still true for the majority of girls. This does not imply that you have no chance if you are on the shorter side. Being extremely arrogant and confident makes height irrelevant.

You Adore Talent In All Forms—Sports, Music, & Car Repair

You have potential if you engage in activities other than playing video games. We’re not even anticipating professional level talent, but it’s super hot. Pick up a hobby and demonstrate your passion for it.

Guy Confidence Is Attractive

Be confident in your identity. This sort of ties into the last suggestion. Avoid attempting to pass for someone you’re not and avoid becoming so withdrawn that we find you unapproachable. Laugh and be yourself.

As Soon As You Pick Up Feminine Products For Us

Picking up these items for us is the bravest thing you can do. You will receive a 1,000-fold return from us.

Whenever You & She Both Watch A Favorite Movie

Even though we are aware that you might not enjoy The Notebook or Clueless, we appreciate your willingness to watch them with us nonetheless because it demonstrates your concern for the little things. A guy who will watch a cheesy movie with his girl as a pretext for spending time with her is also clearly in love with her.

When You’re Intelligent

We want more than just your body; brainiacs are hot. Tell us about the books you enjoy. Impress us with clever facts. Describe the news to us. When the label lists 50 ingredients but there are only 49, pay attention. Two people are required for a conversation. Don’t be a rock.

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Why Men Can Be Mean?

He Is Insecure

I distinctly recall watching Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Ron is portrayed by Will Ferrell, and his stunning wife is Eva Mendes. In the movie, Ron constantly criticizes his wife, calling her dowdy and unattractive.

Eva always appears stunning and sexy in the movie and is always dressed beautifully. Only about two thirds of the way into the movie, Ron admits that he does it because he feels so insecure. Although he is aware of her exceptional beauty, he worries that she will leave him.

Because they don’t talk about their underlying insecurities, some men are cruel. Their malice may manifest as an overly jealous or controlling attitude.

He might start to inquire about your clothing. He might comment on how you dress like a whore or how you appear to be slutty. He will frequently make fun of you by acting insecure. He will comment that he is lucky to put up with you or that no one else would want you.

Is it difficult to persuade him to spend time with you?

Understanding men on a much deeper emotional level is the key to finding a solution. With a few subtle comments you can make to him, you can change the main factor that leads men to behave in this way.

Find out if he really likes you by taking this short test.

Men Don’t Realise They’re Being Mean

When you consider how many men communicate, it becomes easier to comprehend why they can be so cruel. As an illustration, a friend of mine is dating a married man. He texts her and visits her when he can, but given that he is married and all, it is obviously challenging.

Last week, he texted her to let her know he wouldn’t be calling or texting her because he was taking his wife on a fortnightlong vacation. She called me right away to find out my interpretation of the text.

I remarked that it seemed pretty obvious what it meant; he was informing her that he wouldn’t be in touch for a few weeks. But my friend had to consider every word in the text.

It is important for women to consider the words they use in texts, phone calls, and in-person interactions. Men typically don’t act the same way.

Women also place more value on what is said. Therefore, what you men said as acceptable might not be to women.

Let’s return to men’s historical roles as the powerful protectors who bring food home for the family. It would be expected of cavemen to engage in combat or perish. Men are still expected to be strong and powerful, even today.

The sabretooth tigers of yesteryear, however, are no longer present. Additionally, they are without any weapons but still need to project strength. To attack and maim instead, they use their words.

His Father Was Mean

From our parents, we pick up a lot about how to act. As a result, a boy who grows up witnessing his father constantly disparage his mother will believe that this is the proper behavior.

Do not, however, assume that this is solely about male touching or abuse of women. The way he addresses her might be the cause. even in the manner in which he anticipates her handling matters on his behalf.

She could end up being his personal aide, if necessary. He might not be treating her with any respect if he arrives home inebriated. He might not give her any money and spend the entire household budget on himself.

She might be under his emotional or financial control. She might be subject to time restrictions, and he might forbid her from engaging in any leisure pursuits. Possibly having a commanding father is a factor in men using women.

He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Many people behave in this way because they are unable to tell you the relationship is over. They therefore think you will break it off if they treat you badly. This spares them the hassle and mess of having to end things with you. You completed the task on their behalf.

This is a cowardly way to call it quits in a relationship. Drama and conflict don’t appeal to men. They avoid the responsibilities of being a responsible adult by acting cruelly toward you.

Another benefit is that you can break up guilt-free in this way. Maybe he feels bad about seeing someone else because he is. He does not want to be held responsible twice.

Having said that, he might no longer care how he treats you because he feels so little affection or love for you.

He Was Spoiled As A Child

Another example is the spoiled kid who develops narcissism. When young, a child will believe that there are no restrictions, if there are none set. He won’t ever learn that his actions have significance if you don’t enforce consequences for bad behavior.

More to the point, a spoiled child develops into an entitled adult. These kinds of men don’t realize that hard work is necessary to succeed. Every opportunity presented to them will be wasted, and when something goes wrong, they will place the blame on others.

Never do they acknowledge their mistakes. They go through life assuming they will get everything handed to them immediately. They may become hostile and mean if and when they don’t receive it.

He’s Under A Lot Of Stress

Girls turn to their girlfriends for advice and support when they are having issues. When men encounter problems, they assume they must handle them on their own. Males naturally have a fight or flight response, which females may not feel as strongly.

This implies that men will seek solutions when a problem arises. Girls like to chew the fat; they don’t do this. As they discuss the issue, they become more at ease. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved.

But men are creatures of action, not of speech. Thus, they will experience a great deal of stress and anxiety if they encounter a problem that cannot be solved simply. However, men are taught from a young age not to display their emotions.

You cannot, however, constantly suppress your anxiety. It will inevitably rise to the top. If your partner is snappy or irritable with you, he may be finding it difficult to handle stress.

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The Definition Of Love For A Man?

For various men, love can mean different things. Some guys think that falling in love means making a lifetime commitment. Others interpret love as deeds rather than words. Men find it simpler to take care of their partners than to express their emotions.

What Is Mean Man?

Men who are mean don’t give a damn about their partners’ emotions. They frequently prioritize themselves above all else and don’t care what happens. They are egotistical and will find themselves either alone or with submissive individuals.

What Does It Mean If A Man Teases You?

When a man teases you, it may indicate that he likes you but is taking precautions. Because it’s a fun way to flirt, guys frequently tease girls. Even girls have been known to make fun of guys. So long as the teasing is not malicious, it is a positive sign.

How Can I Get A Man?

Men will swarm to you if you work on being the best version of yourself. Anyone can find a man, but you want to find an excellent man who will love and cherish you. The last thing you want is to bag a mean one

What Traits Does Man seek In A Woman?

Men desire a simple, drama-free lifestyle. They desire the prize, however, as well. After all, men compete. They want someone who radiates natural beauty, is kind and compassionate, and will be a good mother to their kids.


Ignore the theory of penis jealousy. It is vaginal jealousy that makes the world work: boys and men need to deprive others of their power and Overcome Jealousy so that they don’t feel inadequate.

However, it’s critical that parents of boys comprehend the harm that can result from a boy’s animosity as well as how far it can go. Teen females are acutely aware of this.

Even normally “decent lads” from families that support feminism can be cruel to the girls in their lives, despite the fact that this is supposed to be a moment of development. It’s time for us to step in.

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