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Spanish chorizo is an excellent source of healthy fats and protein. Plus it tastes absolutely delicious. Whether on a board of meats and cheeses with a refreshing glass of sangria or in a yummy sausage and chorizo pasta, it is an excellent ingredient in many recipes.

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However, if you are following a vegetarian or vegan diet, or simply want to branch out in your protein sources, you may want to consider Spanish chorizo alternatives.

And you have come to the right place! We have 6 of the best substitutes for Spanish chorizo that are just as delicious and wonderful.

Spanish Chorizo: 6 Delicious Substitutes For Spanish Chorizo - Butter And Salt Gatherings (1)

What Is Spanish Chorizo?

A variety of sausages from the Iberian Peninsula—both fresh and cured—go by the name “chorizo” (now Spain and Portugal). Pork is used to make chorizo, which is cooked with a lot of seasoning and is typically red in color.

Spanish chorizo’s vibrant red hue is a result of the large amounts of paprika used in the spice blend. Spanish chorizo can be smoky or sweet depending on the paprika used.

Spanish chorizo typically uses smoked paprika, which gives the sausage a rich, smoky taste. Herbs, garlic, and white wine are additional elements, and the links can be extremely short or very lengthy.

Chorizo can be served without cooking as it is cured for such a long time. It is often served uncooked on a tray of meats and cheeses or cooked in a pan until crispy and golden brown.

6 Best Substitutes For Spanish Chorizo

Cooking Spanish chorizo is one of the easiest meats to cook as it doesn’t even need to be cooked at all! However, if you are set on using something different, you can find some of the best substitutes for Spanish chorizo below.

1. Linguica

Linguica is a delicious sausage native to Portugal. The links are often thick and big making it perfect for serving large crowds at once.This sausage is made from pork butt, which comes from the shoulder and arm of the pig, not the butt.

It is then cut into long links and mixed with the perfect blend of spices.When placing the meat mixture into casings, a brine of salt and vinegar may be added at this stage.

A different option is to load the mixture into casings and then brine the sausages all night. The sausage’s flavor is “mellowed” by the brine.

Although linguica can be eaten right away after brining, it is most frequently tempered with a smoking procedure to make it more tasty, soft, and robust.

The sausage is typically cooked again after being frozen or chilled before being consumed or added to soups or sandwiches.

2. Salami

Salami is a popular choice of cured meat that is often served alongside chorizo or as a substitute.

Salami is often manufactured from lean and fat hog shoulder and back cuts that are combined, put into a sausage casing, and then typically air-cured for a period of weeks or months, a process that is facilitated by Italy’s dry climate.

Salamis that have been fermented have a probiotic effect that helps to maintain a balanced intestinal flora.

Although salamis are typically strong in protein, they are also high in fat, salt, and processing, therefore nutritionists suggest eating the sausage in moderation.

This cured meat is perfect for quick dishes such as salads, sandwiches, and charcuterie boards where a lot of cooking is not involved.

3. Kielbasa Sausage

Kielbasa is the Polish word for “sausage”. Polish sausage can be made from any sort of meat and can be smoked, fresh, or cured. Some varieties are made from hog shoulder, while others use leftovers or ground meat.

Garlic, juniper, and marjoram are among the flavor components used in many kielbasa variants.There are many delicious recipes to try that involve kielbasa, which is typically used in Polish cuisine.

You may cook it by boiling, baking, grilling, or using other methods as well. The most common meat used to produce kielbasa is pork, although it can also be made using beef, lamb, or chicken by butchers, sausage manufacturers, and home cooks.

Kielbasa is often an inexpensive ingredient, making it a staple in many Polish households and now yours!This versatile sausage can be made in a variety of ways and goes perfectly in soups and casserole dishes that bring comfort and love to the table.

4. Chickpeas & Smoked Paprika

Looking for a vegetarian alternative to Spanish chorizo? Grab these two ingredients that you most likely have in your pantry already: Chickpeas and Smoked Paprika!

Mashed chickpeas are a great substitute for a variety of meat ingredients and with the addition of a few spices, you can really replicate that indulgent, rich flavor of Spanish chorizo.

Make sure to add a healthy amount of olive oil to give a similar texture and even add a few roasted red peppers for an added depth of texture and flavor.

You can mold the chickpeas into a similar shape of a sausage or leave as is.The chickpeas do have to be drained before cooking!

5. Mexican Chorizo

Mexican chorizo and Spanish chorizo are often mistaken to be the same thing. But there are a few differences that make them unique and delicious in their own right.

Fresh sausage known as Mexican chorizo is typically produced from pork, although it can also be made from beef.

Mexican chorizo is created with finely ground pork that is combined with a variety of seasonings and spices made from red peppers to give it a vibrant orange color.

Mexican chorizo is also sold fresh and needs to be cooked before eating; you may either buy loose chorizo, take the meat out of the casing, or cook the links whole.

Mexican chorizo is quite adaptable and may be used in a variety of meals, including tacos, burgers, egg dishes, stuffed peppers, and more.

Mexican chorizo is also made using smoked paprika giving it more of a spice compared to its Spanish counterpart.bThis makes it perfect for a range of dishes, especially when you have limited access to spices.

One of the best ways to enjoy Mexican chorizo is on the grill. Grilling the sausage brings out the smoky flavors of the peppers and the pork which is mouth-watering.

6. Andouille

The Andouille is another sausage made from a ground pig that is seasoned quite similarly to Spanish Chorizo. This is an excellent alternative that is used in Cajun cuisine or with beans. It is bigger than the typical sausages.

It tastes smokey and bitter, which makes it quite distinctive. It is extremely rare and difficult to replicate. Most recipes that call for Spanish chorizo should use this. But, adjust the quantity based on the flavor and level of smokiness you prefer.

Cajun-style andouille predominates in US supermarkets. This kind is prepared using a pig’s upper shoulder, also known as the pork butt, and hot seasonings. It is twice smoked in place of being poached.

You can cook Andouille in a variety of ways, including being served cold straight from the fridge. Or you can fry it, broil it, grill, or even bake it for a variety of different dishes. The spicier version of this sausage goes perfectly in Mac and Cheese.

Final Thoughts

Spanish chorizo brings any meal to life with its rich color and mouth-watering taste. Although, it can be difficult to find in the grocery store and rather expensive.

Sometimes you may require a substitute, and regular old pork sausages may not always do the trick. Above are 6 of the best substitutes for Spanish chorizo that hold a lot of flavors and are extremely versatile.

There is even a vegetarian option that is going to give you that gorgeous flavor and texture that Spanish chorizo is known for.Check them out and discover a whole new world of flavored sausage!

Spanish Chorizo: 6 Delicious Substitutes For Spanish Chorizo - Butter And Salt Gatherings (2)

Spanish Chorizo: 6 Delicious Substitutes For Spanish Chorizo

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Spanish chorizo is a distinctive type of sausage that is delicious. We have 6 delicious substitutes for Spanish chorizo to spice things up in the kitchen.


  • Linguica

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  • Chickpeas & Smoked Paprika

  • Mexican Chorizo

  • Andouille


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